The BWB NUCLEAR Flame Photometer

Online, four channel Lithium detection

The measurement of lithium at low concentrations within nuclear power stations has been identified as an application perfectly addressed by a new specialty flame photometer – The BWB Nuclear.

Designed in conjunction with our outstanding distributor in Germany, Mr. Wolfgang Glock, this unique flame photometer has 4 active channels for Lithium detection. Each channel is independently calibrated within the range of interest and this results in an increase of accuracy in keeping with industry demand.

Our simultaneous detection and display from each detection channel satisfies the requirement specifically and the tie of one of the
channels to 2 wire 4-20mA output via supervisory control and data
acquisition (SCADA™) links, completes the unit for online use.

Data output via our FP-PC PC application enables data sharing over the internet or intranet for users sharing information.

Clients who utilize our unique “Collection Cup” feature realise online real time analysis. Optional for ‘online’, continuous measurements, the collection cup turns the BWB NUCLEAR FES into an ‘online’, real time, 24/7 analyser with 4-20mA output linked to a single channel. Via a 2 wire output the BWB FP can seamlessly integrate with any SCADA™ system. Totally unique and available on all models.”

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