The BWB BIO Flame Photometer

Purpose Built Flame Photometer with specialised software, firmware and hardware

The BWB BIO has been created for measuring biological solutions and is modernized for today’s research work; which requires routine, quick measurements, with high levels of accuracy for lithium, calcium, sodium and potassium elements. ​ Our recent release is the combination of several “wish lists” from PhD’s in Germany, Chile, Colombia, USA and Canada principally in renal research, diabetes and Alzheimer’s research. Production reagents and solutions QA and QC are facilitated quickly by our unique simultaneous detection and data processing for all atoms of interest. ​ When connected to a PC with the BWB FP-PC app, the user can create .pdf files, .csv files, data presentations and reports that include all the key analysis data. The FP-PC Software also allows setup of the Automatic Fluid Handling System, AFHS, originally designed to work specifically with the BIO unit.

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