BWB XP Plus Flame Photometer

Ready to use straight out of the box!

Enhanced Purpose Flame Photometer!

The BWB XP PLUS was designed around the BWB-XP providing enhanced functions to give more utility while maintaining the unsurpassed levels of accuracy, usability and reliability while significantly reducing analysis time. Our customers do not need to waste valuable time changing filters and re-calibrating when a different measurement is required, as is a common requirement in all other Flame Photometer designs from 1951 to the present. ​

The BWB XP PLUS is the first and only 4 channel flame photometer with simultaneous detection and display of Sodium, Potassium, Lithium, and Calcium with an option to use either Caesium or Lithium as an Internal Reference System (IRS) that acts as an internal standard to adjust small changes during calibration and measuring. ​

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