Microwave Digestion of Anton Paar

Anton Paar has been working in the field of microwave technology for more than three decades. Using high-quality materials and innovative solutions, Anton Paar defines the standard for top-level digestion. With the new instruments Multiwave PRO and Multiwave ECO, Anton Paar provides solutions for both the high-end and the price-sensitive market.

For microwave digestion using the reaction systems from Anton Paar the sample is typically heated to between 200 °C and 300 °C in closed, microwave-transparent reaction vessels with an acid mixture until it is completely decomposed. The advantages of microwave digestion over conventional heated stainless steel pressure digestion devices are the accelerated heating phase and the possibility to simultaneously digest several samples.

Microwave-supported sample preparation considerably reduces the preparation time and the required work. The microwave digestion systems from Anton Paar represent an efficient and economic process.

The benefits of high-end microwave digestion systems speak for themselves:

  • High-performance digestion rotors
  • The wide range of vessels and accessories
  • Maximum configuration options
  • Versatile in use

It is a standard process in sample preparation for the analysis of trace elements in many analytical laboratories.

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