MicroLab FTIR Software

The MicroLab software reflects the design of the FTIR hardware – powerful, reliable, simple to use and focused on what you need – answers.

Agilent’s Microlab PC is a revolutionary software package for both routine and mobile use. The unique method driven approach guides users through all required steps to provide actionable answers with little to no training required. Agilent’s new Microlab Quant package expands the tested method driven approach to method development. Never before has it been so simple to create, evaluate and use a quantitative calibration curve for FTIR. Agilent brings the power of quantitation to the ease of use of MicroLab.

In addition to the method driven ease of use and robustness of the software, MicroLab can be integrated with Agilent’s Spectroscopy Configuration Manager and Database Administrator to give a path to 21 CFR 11 Compliance. The combination of these software platforms allows management of user access, e-signatures, e-records and other compliance features that are specific to Pharmaceutical and other regulatory environments.

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