MicroLab Expert

MicroLab Expert is an advanced software package that provides a new level of flexibility and spectral visualization for Agilent’s FTIR spectrometers. Powerful, reliable, simple to use and still focused on what you need – answers.

Agilent’s MicroLab (ML) Expert is a state of-the-art software package designed for use when spectral visualization and data processing are needed to arrive at the results. The MicroLab software suite now has two full featured independent offerings that allow full transferability of data and methods. ML Expert complements the popular and acclaimed MicroLab PC software, known for its ease of use, a guided push button method driven software platform for routine laboratory, handheld and mobile use. ML Expert provides the advanced user spectral visualization tools, data manipulation and processing capabilities that are critical in order to support methods development, organic synthesis and R&D, non-routine lab work. ML Expert also has the ability to visualize spectral information during collection and advanced data processing, yet provides an ideal balance between ease of operation and sophistication of data handling.

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