Refractometer Abbemat MW Multiwavelengths

The Abbemat MW digital refractometer enables quick and fully automatic measurements of the refractive index at different measuring wavelengths, e. g. for dispersion and Abbe number determination. For these measurements Abbemat MW can be equipped with up to 8 different wavelengths in the range of 435 nm to 656 nm. This makes the Abbemat MW digital refractometer a versatile instrument for investigations into liquids, polymer bonds and glasses.


Fully automatic spectral refractometry

  • Measurement of lenses made of plastic or glass, e.g. contact lenses, lenses for digital cameras
  • Quality control of glass and polymers in the production
  • Measurement of dispersion and Abbe numbers: VD, Vd and Ve
  • Characterization of:
  • Liquid immersion oils for microscopes,
  • Acrylic glass, polaycarbonates, Cycloolefine oligomers
  • Optical coatings and adhesives

High performance – reliable results in seconds

  • Abbemat refractometers guarantee the highest stability and analytical performance
  • The built-in Peltier thermostats ensure the measuring temperature is reached in seconds
  • Optimal measurement of the sample temperature just under the prism surface
  • Simple cleaning and no sample carry-over due to the smooth transition between prism and sample holder

Flexible in use

  • As the refractometer and evaluation unit are separate, Abbemat refractometers can be adapted to suit your application
  • For operation under harsh conditions, the evaluation unit is placed a safe distance from the refractometer
  • The formula parser creates user-specific scales

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