With its Ethernet interface, the OrigaViewer PC software benefits from the latest technological advances in IT. In addition, it is compatible with Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8 and10.

In addition to conventional methods, the software allows graphical visualization of sequences and the possibility of executing loops. Thanks to its database, OrigaViewer automatically records all the results obtained with the instruments interfaced via Ethernet.

In addition, OrigaViewer is secure software, according to three user levels: Administrator, Supervisors and Operator. Thus, all your results are protected and not accessible to unauthorized persons.

OrigaViewer works in tandem with OrigaMaster. Measurement sequences can be created in OrigaMaster and then used with OrigaViewer. Likewise, the results obtained with OrigaViewer can be exported and can therefore be viewed with OrigaMaster.

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