OrigaStat – OGS200

Potentiostat – Galvanostat – Impedancemetre designed by Origa Lys Electro chem SAS is a complete solution with a look modern.

Each OrigaLys Electrochem SAS instrument benefits from 30 years of experience in design, production, and electrochemistry. With such a solution, succeeding in any electrochemical measurement is easier. The whole Origa Stat range uses PC software, Origa Master.

Contrary to OGS 080, the OGS 200 allows measurements of pH and temperature. The OGS 200 may also be connected to an s -wave low courant: OrigaMμ and a BOOSTER of courant: OrigaBooKst. The specifications General of OGS 200 are:

  • Auxiliary voltage: + 35 V
  • Maximum current: + 2A
  • Imposed potential: + 15 V

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Delivering Quality To Every Single Customer.

Delivering Quality To Every Single Customer