Microwave Digestion/Extraction: Multiwave 5000

Multiwave 5000 is a microwave reaction system for the digestion of samples (varying in difficulty or volume), evaporation, acid leaching, and extractions. Thanks to the flexible platform concept you can configure Multiwave 5000 to be the best fit for your applications.

Over 40 years of experience in sample preparation have been incorporated into the development of Multiwave 5000 to meet the needs of today’s lab chemists. The comprehensive interactive method library, a customizable and intuitive user interface, and modern sensor technology, together with Anton Paar’s easy to handle compact rotors, make Multiwave 5000 the user-friendliest microwave reaction system that has ever been created.


Next-level convenience and ease of use
Multiwave 5000 is designed to take over your workload and guides you through the entire workflow. The database of more than 500 programs, based on 40 years of experience in sample preparation, makes setting up methods easy. SmartScreen lets you configure the home screen according to your needs: put shortcuts to methods, menu links, or experiment data on your home screen and make Multiwave 5000 your own.

All relevant information can be found on the instrument: manuals, the large method library, and the application guide are just a few clicks away. If you have any questions watch the video manual directly on the screen.

Clever vessel concepts and compact rotors
Multiwave 5000 HVT and SVT rotors have a three-part vessel design that can be assembled in a straightforward way without requiring any hand-tightening tools. This saves valuable time especially for high-capacity batches with up to 41 vessels. Hands-free door opening additionally simplifies loading the instrument.

Depending on your application you can choose between several vessels concepts:

  • HVT for samples such as food, environmental, general biological samples, pharmaceutical products, and EPA procedures
  • SVT for samples which require higher temperatures such as ceramics, alloys, polymers, cosmetics, geological materials, petrochemicals, chemicals, and samples from refractories
  • Closed vessels: digestion rotors Rotor 8 and Rotor 16 for samples which demand special treatment (the highest pressures, volatile analytes, HF applications)

One system – various unique sample preparation methods
Multiwave 5000 is a platform system with maximum flexibility in your choice of configurations. It provides unique methods and applications:

  • Acid digestion
  • Acid leaching
  • Synthesis
  • Microwave-induced oxygen combustion
  • UV digestion
  • Microwave solvent extraction
  • Protein hydrolysis
  • Evaporation
  • Sample drying

Be safe!
At elevated temperatures and pressures safety is an important issue. The design of Multiwave 5000 offers numerous active and passive safety features to protect not only the operator but also the surroundings and the instrument itself in all situations – a standard for Anton Paar instruments.

Comprehensive reaction control is guaranteed thanks to sophisticated vessel concepts and advanced sensor technology, including internal temperature control on each position and several control strategies for the digestion of different sample types in one run.

Get in touch with SmartLink and SmartLight
SmartLink connects Multiwave 5000 to your personal computer, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone to let you monitor and operate experiments remotely. Depending on the instrument’s status, the color and mode of SmartLight changes according to whether the experiment is in progress, finished, or in standby. No need to dash from your desk to Multiwave 5000 to check if the run is finished – just take a look when passing by. Multiwave 5000 also gives audio and email notifications.

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