Bio-SEC Software

The Agilent Bio-SEC Software is an excellent tool for complete protein characterization. Users familiar with Agilent OpenLAB CDS ChemStation will instantly recognize the familiar instrument control interface. It brings together all system components in one single software package. The full system integration provides seamless operation and connectivity for optimized high system uptime. All parameters & functionality are easily monitored and accessed for at-a-glance system checking and full control is quickly and easily achievable. You don’t have to be a chromatography expert to use and get reproducible, accurate results when using the Agilent Bio-SEC software.

Once the data has been acquired it is as straightforward as click one defines detector baseline, click two selects integration regions and click three calculates results. For generalists, the calculations are all performed quickly and easily while maintaining analytical integrity. The software will calculate molar mass, size (hydrodynamic radius), concentration and percent recovery. The sample homogeneity is displayed along with the ratios of monomer, dimer and trimer depending on composition.

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