AutoFlow BET+®

The AutoFlow BET+ is a fully automated state-of-the-art dynamic flow system designed to enable extremely rapid evaluation of the surface areas of solid samples. Single-point or multi-point determination of surface areas using different standard methods (such as BET and STSA) is easily carried out without the need for measuring system void volumes or recalibrating signal responses.

The instrument consists of one control module and one, two, or three independent analysis stations. The control module features a touchscreen and houses three built-in sample preparation stations. Pure gas inputs or, optionally, premixed gases, are automatically mixed to the desired target concentrations using built-in mass flow controllers. The system includes novel MEMS-TCD sensors and all standard accessories needed for its operation.


Exceptional Speed

  • Single point BET areas in < 5 min/sample.
  • Multipoint BET areas in < 15 min/sample.
  • No need for pre- or post-calibration.

Superior Throughput

  • Up to 3 single point BET areas in < 5 min.
  • Up to 3 multipoint BET areas in < 15 min.
  • Up to 36 BET area analyses per hour.

Built-in Sample Preparation

  • 3 independently programmable degassers.
  • Maximun degas temp. 350° C (450° C optional, with quartz sample cells).
  • Adjustable flows and fast-cooling slots.

Software Capabilities

  • Ethernet and remote access.
  • Supports 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.
  • Multiple Language Options.

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