Time of Flight (TOF) LC/MS 6230B

The Agilent 6230 time-of-flight LC/MS (LC/TOF) system allows you to upgrade from unit mass measurements to accurate mass for even more confident compound identification beyond conventional LC/MS detection. You will get full-spectrum data for screening, profiling and identification of small molecules, large biologic compounds, and everything in between. Making the 6230B HPLC TOF ideal for applications like drug development, toxicology, and the analysis of intact proteins.

MS/MS applications are also supported by using fragments formed in the desolvation region of the TOF system’s ion source. All Ions MS/MS software then allows highly confident target compound identification by matching fragmentation patterns with an Agilent MS/MS library. Other advanced and intuitive software tools like one-click SWARM autotune and Walkup software allow anyone to routinely achieve reliable results. Producing expert-level results shouldn’t require expert-level training. With the Agilent 6230B time-of-flight LC/MS, it won’t.