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We are ISO 9001:2015 certified representatives of the worlds leading laboratory equipment manufacturers.

We are science aficionados. We are dedicated to providing you with all the latest and innovative products. We have four separate divisions involved in chemical analysis, life sciences, forensic sciences and chemistries & supplies.

We are hard working. Our trained and assiduous resources are working extremely hard to deliver you with the finest products on time. Our service team is dedicated, visionary and committed so that all your issues get resolved on time and we fulfill our promise of delivering you the finest products.

We are quality epitomized. We embody your trust in our products. All the products being delivered to you are not only world-class but also speak for themselves.

We are fanatics. Our pockets are filled with unflagging enthusiasm. Our customer support team never misses a chance to impress you by lucidly displaying its high level assistance and near to perfect services.

We are perfectionists. For the last forty years we have been depicting our vivid dedication to impersonate perfection. Back in 1975 H. A. Shah & Sons started off as an exclusive country wide distributor of world renowned laboratory manufacturers and till now we have never stopped, never looked back, never despised our conviction; yet still here to bring to our clients services of the finest quality.

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